Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you make allergy-friendly products?

As many as 15 million people have food allergies and it's still on the rise. This serious condition affects 1 out of 13 kids and a food allergy can develop at any age. The most effective way to manage food allergies is strict avoidance, and early recognition is key to prevent serious health consequences. (1)

Essentially, No Nuts Beauty is for everyone serious about natural skin care and who want transparent labeling of ingredients. We also understand food allergies on a very personal level and wanted to provide natural products, for those with food allergies and those who have loved ones or friends that have food allergies and want to create a safe environment.

If I'm not eating it, do I really need to avoid food allergens?

Your skin is the body's largest and fastest-growing organ. Strict avoidance of food allergens in managing food allergies should pertain to all parts of the body. This answer may depend on who you ask and what degree your food allergy is. You should consult with your physician if you need medical advice. We also consider the use of safe products being essential if you share the same household with someone who has food allergies.

Is No Nuts Beauty "allergy free"?

The terms "allergy free" and "allergy friendly" can be confusing. We'd like to consider ourselves allergy friendly because we don't believe in any product to be truly "allergy free" as individuals can be allergic to anything. In our family we even have many allergies that fall outside the most common allergens.

Individuals who are the most sensitive should perform an allergy patch test before trying our products, or consult with their allergist or physician.

We provide detailed information about the ingredients we use here.

What is the shelf-life of your products?

Our products are preservative free to keep ingredients as simple as possible. Please keep in mind, because we use natural products, variations like color or scents may occur between batches.

  • Our salves and lip balms should be stored in cool / dry conditions and should be used within one year.

  • Our dry face masks should be used within 18 months.

  • Our lip scrubs and shower scrubs are mixed with oil a day prior to shipping and should be used within 8-12 weeks after opened.

  • Our Bergamot & Vanilla Coffee Cleansing Scrub should be used within 4-6 weeks. We grind coffee beans to order, and no one likes a stale cup of coffee.

Do you test on animals?

We absolutely do not, nor would we source any ingredient that did not align with our standards.

Are your products vegan or organic?

All of our products with the exception of lip balms, butters, and salves are vegan.

Please keep in mind, our first goal is to provide a product that is free of common allergens. Think about it like you would gluten-free

baking; we are coming up with recipes and consistencies that usually depend on the the help of products that hold together and solidify like how cocoa butter, shea-nut butter, and coconut oil would in other natural products.

The only non-vegan ingredients we use and would consider using are beeswax and lanolin. We use these two ingredients in confidence knowing that they are absolutely beneficial for topical use and that they are ethically sourced.

Buying organic is important to us especially on an environmental level. We purchase organic when it aligns with allergy safety and availability and we will list it if an ingredient is organic in our ingredient listings. Most of our products are comprised of more than 70% organic ingredients, however some products simply can't be labeled organic as they are not grown. For example: clay and dead sea salt are minerals that can't be labeled "organic" because they are singularly sourced from their place of origin.

Are the oats you use gluten free?

Absolutely. Our gluten-free oats are sourced from a dedicated allergy-friendly facility with strict allergen protocols based in Canada.

But what if I'm STILL ALLERGIC to some of your ingredients?

First and foremost, we totally understand! We have also found, despite how amazing, an allergy-friendly company is, we still cannot use their products because of our specific allergies. Please email us. We would really like to hear which products you are interested in, and if we can find a safer solution for you. Also, it will help us know what our consumer's needs are as we develop more products.


Please note: we cannot diagnose any medical conditions, but we can try to substitute an ingredient.

Do you have a question we didn't answer? Please email us at and we will try to answer it for you. We are a small family-owned business, so please allow 2-4 business days for a reply.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: No Nuts Beauty is not responsible for any allergic reactions with the use of our products. While it is in our best interest to provide allergy-safe production and sourcing of ingredients, we highly suggest you perform an allergy skin patch test before introducing our products into your skin care routine. We cannot diagnose or treat any symptoms or reactions. Please consult your physician if you have any questions regarding your specific allergy concerns.

1     Food Allergy and Research and Education Facts and Statistics

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